My motivation for establishing this blog is connected to an idea I have, an idea of how we can all work together to insure humanity’s long term survival.

I have a masters degree in mathematics from the University of Copenhagen and am national director – Denmark for the scientistswarning.org initiative. I currently teach mathematics and statistics at the Technical Gymnasium in Nykoebing Falster, Denmark. I was interested in figuring out how big of a whole humanity had dug for itself with respect to anthropogenic climate change, because I was considering integrating it as a topic in some of my lessons at the school where I work. What I discovered shocked me. I discovered that we, the older generation have locked in the youth (my students for example) into a dangerous future, and that it is imperative that we all do all we can to minimize the damage. My blog is an attempt to mobilize humanity to move in the right direction via an interactive approach.

I invite you to enter my world and join me in this most important endeavor. Read my blog. Take the actions I recommend. I claim that you and I can make a difference.


Patrick Lincoln

National Director – Denmark, scientistswarning.org initiative